Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Work in Progress - Part 2

Above is the fabric for Orange Construction Fence Series #64. If you're interested, see what the fabric looked like a few weeks ago.

I wanted this piece to be a lot lighter than #63, which is overly colorful.

This is what the back side of the fabric looks like. I like to document it, so I can remember what is inside, and so I can use it as reference for future work.

Here it is after stitching. The stitching shows doesn't really up in this photo, but it is there. Next I'll be doing some tweaking with color and etc in places, and then cropping and finishing it.

This is the photo from the construction of the Cloverleaf apartments in Natick Massachusetts, which was my inspiration for the four pieces. Imagine it flipped horizontally to get the right effect.

I've been working on Orange Construction Fence Series #63, #64, #65 and #66, all pretty much at the same time. Here is what Orange Construction Fence Series #63 looks like after stitching but before finishing. I'll post about #65 and #66 shortly.