Friday, January 30, 2009

New Work in Progress - Part 1

I've been working on four pieces pretty much at the same time. I started Orange Construction Fence Series #63 last Fall, and have also recently been working on #64, #65 and #66, all inspired by the same section of a building that was under construction a year or more ago. (Scroll to the bottom of this post to see the photo.)

Here is the front side of the fabric for Orange Construction Fence Series #63, which is the one I started last fall, before stitching, ready to go. I stitched it with two different blue-ish threads, to enhance the horizontal blue painted stripes. See the detail below.

Now I need to decide how to trim/crop this piece. I was planning on removing a few columns of the right (pink) side, but now I'm unsure. Here are some options thanks to photoshop.

Here it is stitched, but before cropping.

Cropped down to 5 columns on the right.

Cropped down to 4 columns on the right.

Will consider my options, and get feedback from my critique partner. Originally we both had agreed on 4 columns, but that was before stitching, which changed the look due to my dark thread choice.

After I started Fence #63, I got a lot of ideas for variations on the same theme, so that's why I've painted four in total. I actually have ideas for more variations, but decided to stop at four, for at least the time being.

Above is the photo from the construction of the Cloverleaf apartments in Natick Massachusetts, which was my inspiration for the four pieces. Imagine it flipped horizontally to get the right effect.