Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fence 63 Fabric continued/critiqued

This is one side of the fabric for Orange Construction Fence Series #63 in progress, shown hanging on my wall since September. (I'm surprised it's not covered in dust, it's been hanging there for so long.) Please note that orangey color is not that bright on the actual fabric.

This is the other side, which I was leaning toward using.

I played around with the image in Photoshop, since it's pretty bland. I was considering painting the blue squares on the piece, after stitching.

Then I went to visit my art critique friend. It was enlightening to see my piece in her large studio, where I could get more than six feet away from it. (My studio is tiny, so I don't have that opportunity.) It was also interesting what happened when we discussed which side of the fabric was the best to use face out, and also the benefit of cropping the fabric down to a smaller size. More posts about how I'll finish this soon.

There's big value in having another set of eyes looking at your art in progress, not only when completed!

I'm planning on stitching Fence #63 very soon, as well as Fence #64 shown here in progress, and hopefully #65 which I'm hoping to get a start on in the very near future.