Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Fence 64 Fabric

I haven't worked on a large piece in many many months. I've spent my time either marketing my work, or creating smaller work which I had hoped to sell (more of) over the holidays. On Monday night, I started Orange Construction Fence Series #64, and spent 5 straight hours painting. How refreshing!

Above is the "front" side of the fabric, in progress, which is actually the side that has the paint on it. Because we're in the dead of winter, and the air in my house is very, very dry, the paint dried within a half hour or so after being applied. Because of that, I was able to paint more than I am usually able to in one evening. In normal circumstances, and during humid summer weather, what I was able to do in one five hour session, normally would take many shorter sessions over a few days.

This is the "back" side of the same fabric, which I will probably use for the actual piece, after I apply a little more paint.

This is the photo I am using as inspiration. It's from the construction of the Cloverleaf apartments in Natick Massachusetts, where I live, from a year ago I think.

Fence #64 is a companion piece to Orange Construction Fence Series #63, shown in progress last September. I'll post more about #63 shortly. It is long overdue.

I'm so pumped up about working on my Fence Series again, that I think I might start working on Fence #65 really soon, and finish all three of them together.