Thursday, May 10, 2012


So far, I’ve created 23 groupings of donated threads from various friends who sew. Twenty are shown above. In painting terms, they are called “skins.” While they do look like they're three-dimensional, they are flat and very thin.

Each one has its own color and personality, defined by the person who donated the thread, and I think each one will give me an interesting opportunity when I use them in a new series. I am very much looking forward to working on this!

Even though they are called "skins" in technical painting terms, I've been considering a name to call them when I use them in my work. After many suggestions from friends on facebook, the name that I liked best, that made the most sense to me, was "nests." I'm reasonably certain that the name of this upcoming series will be "Fences and Nests."

I've been playing with how to use the skins in my monthly 12 x 12 x 12 series, which is a time for me to play with new ideas. I used them in May and April 2012, and also June 2011. The three different ways I've used them so far will be helpful experience for me as I continue working with them in the future.