Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation

This is Show & Tell after my two week summer vacation on Cape Cod. One of the many things I did was paint fabric. Creating art is not "work" for me, even though it is one of my many jobs. While everyone I was staying with went to the beach mid-day, I went down to the basement and painted. I love the beach but not at peak sun, so I had no problem being in a cool basement, doing what I love to do.

The first piece I worked on was Orange Construction Fence Series #70, which I stamped and handpainted on already monoprinted fabric of a construction fence. There were 18 columns x 20 rows, which = 360 rectangles that I painted grey. B-o-r-i-n-g but necessary. Fence 69 (below) had the same number of grey rectangles, which I had already painted at home. #70 is almost completely painted. The final part will be completed after I stitch it.

Before vacation I had been working on Fence #69 (above), which is also almost completely painted. I didn't add any more paint while on vacation. I did bring it with me so I could use it as a reference for when I was working on #70. Just like #70, there will be a little more paint added after I stitch it. This is the back side of the fabric, which will be the side I have facing out before stitching.

Above is the fabric for my August 12 x 12 x 12 series. I think this picture is better than the one I posted while away, since I have more light in my studio than I did in the basement I was working in.

After the above, I started working on a sub-series, Fences #71-76, which may or may not be exhibited together as a group, in pairs, or separately. This has yet to be determined. The Fence #71 fabric is almost completely painted. It still needs a little more paint in the grid area. This is the back side of the fabric.

The Fence #72 fabric, also almost completely painted. It also needs a little more paint in the grid area. This is the front/painted side of the fabric.

I started running out of vacation time, so I only got to handstamp the Fence #73 fabric. It still needs to be painted.

The same thing for the Fence #74 fabric. It's now handstamped and still needs to be painted. This is the back side of the fabric.

My next steps are, stitch my August 12 x 12 x 12 fabric, stitch and finish painting Fence #69 and #70 ASAP so I can include them in my solo show, finish painting Fences #71 and #72, paint Fences # 73 and #74, then stamp and paint Fences #75 and #76, which I never had any time for while away.

I think I may have some time here and there, in the next few months, to work on #71-76, but quite honestly, I don't see finishing them until after the New Year. I may be wrong, but doubt it. With two websites to design, many sweaters to redesign and/or sew buttons on for Open Studios in mid-October, planning my solo show at the Hunt-Cavanagh Gallery at Providence College which opens on October 26th, two possible two-person shows coming up after that, and quite a few other things I have going on, I think I'm being more realistic than pessimistic. Of course I'll post updates here on my blog.