Friday, February 13, 2009

New Work in Progress - Part 4

I'm a little behind in posting this. Above is the front side of the fabric I'm using for Orange Construction Fence Series #66. For this piece, I wanted it to be light, and more abstract than #63 and #64, and #65, and to have the color be inside the ovals from the construction fence, not in the grid.

After I stitched it, I added small sections of the blue-ish horizontal color that is also on the first three in this series within a series, and some other small sections of color. It's too hard to explain/show what I'm on doing, but be patient, it will happen.

This is the back side of the fabric, which will not be seen when the piece is finished. I love painting on both sides of the fabric, but one side, unfortunately if I'm going to keep stitching them, has to be inside the finished piece.

This is the photo from the construction of the Cloverleaf apartments in Natick Massachusetts, which was my inspiration for the four pieces. Imagine it flipped horizontally to get the right effect.

I've been working on Orange Construction Fence Series #63 and #64, #65, and #66, all pretty much at the same time. I'm going to get all four of them critiqued today, and will make corrections/updates as needed, from the suggestions I get.

Then I'll get them photographed, and will post all of them here on my blog, and on my website, when they are finished. Should be in a week or two, because the photos will take time, as will my website updates.