Monday, December 29, 2008

2008 Orange Construction Fence Series Review

In 2008, I continued working on my "Orange Construction Fence Series", and created 6 large pieces, Orange Construction Fence Series #57, #58, #59, #60, #61 and #62.

Though I don't love every piece I created, I feel I've had good growth, and I also took some risks by creating four blackwhite/gray pieces. Also, by continuing my practice of painting on both the front and the back sides of the fabric, I've learned that the colors are more muted on the back side of the fabric, and layers of fabric paint on top of other layers sometimes have a batik-like look to them. After I choose which side of the fabric I want to use for the actual piece, I then stitch it, to add texture and more line.

For comparison, if you want to read more about my 2007 Orange Construction Fence Series, here is my end of the year review I wrote a year ago.

Orange Construction Fence Series #63, which I started in late 2008, is still in progress. I'll post more about it shortly, and will also be finishing it soon.