Monday, April 21, 2008

Printing/Painting on Fabric

Today is Patriots Day in Massachusetts, and the Boston Marathon is also today, and goes right through the center of my town, Natick, MA. That means it's impossible to run errands that involve either going downtown or across town, so it's a perfect day stay home and do some art work.

I painted the fabric for Orange Construction Fence Series #62 (above). It is very similar to what I painted for #61, but will be shown with the back side of the fabric facing out when stitched, as per below. My post about #61 on April 16th, discussed my intention, and showed an image of a condo construction project in Natick MA, which was my inspiration for #61 and #61.

Now I'm going to finish painting #60, post that image in progress, and then stitch #60, #61 and #62. That will conclude my downtown Natick construction pieces, which are black and white. It's spring time and time to start working with color again.