Friday, July 1, 2022

New Work in Progress: 2022 Dates in a Life Walking Project

New work in progress, through June documenting my walking and the days I'm at work on my 2022 Dates in a Life Walking Project painting. 


June weather in Massachusetts was not hot and humid as it usually is, and we had very little rain. Actually, on my birthday, daytime temps only were as high as 64, something most people would hate but I loved it! I've never worn a sweatshirt and a down jacket, as well as jeans and socks, on my birthday!

I walked over 10,000 steps (the red icons) 15 times in June. I hope to be able to do that or more in July but it depends on the weather, especially how hot it gets.

The yellow dot is the day I bought an ebike. Expect more dots for each time I ride it going forward.


The individual days with the Iridescent Bronze background signify the days I'm at work vs. days I am home or away, all of which have an influence on the number of steps I walk each day. I try to go out for a walk every day at lunch time and now that the sun is setting later I have better opportunities to walk after work.