Friday, February 27, 2009

Lesson Learned

Since 2006, I have been sending my portfolio out to different galleries that either show work or have philosophies that are in line with the art I create, or that have had requests for proposals. I must admit that I have not had much success. Most of the time I have never heard back from the gallery, even though I have included return postage and packaging with my inquiry. A few galleries have returned my materials, but very few.

Very recently I get an email inviting me to have a one person show in a college gallery (I'll post where as soon as the details are confirmed), that I sent my portfolio to in December 2006. Like every other gallery I submitted to, and didn't hear back from them, and I had given up hope.

There's a lesson learned here. Sometimes some galleries do keep portfolios, instead of throwing them in the trash. I am very glad this gallery got in touch with me, and that I will have a one person show. Their gallery space is HUGE, so it will give me an opportunity to show a lot of work. I've got some great ideas, including mounting and showing all of my 12 x 12 x 12 Series, as well as some already created Orange Construction Fence Series from 2008 and earlier, and new work from 2009.