Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Thinking Out Loud About My Summer in My Studio and Beyond

This summer, besides working on web design and also large and small writing projects, I have many goals for what I am planning to be working doing, which I think (and hope) isn't overly ambitious:

- I have been invited to participate in an Altered Book show called A Novel Idea, at the Hampden Gallery Incubator Project Space at the University of Massachusetts, in Amherst, MA. My work is due to arrive there in mid-November. My head has been swimming with ideas. While I have plenty of time to work on this, I am really excited to try something new, so I've already jumped right in. Pictures will be forthcoming.

- Now that it's summer, I want to add to my new series of Seasonal Fences, and include five new pieces entitled Seasonal Fences - Summer #1 - #5. I have quite a few ideas for the 22" x 10" x 1" boards (the same size I used for the five Fall and five Winter pieces), which are patiently waiting in my studio for my attention.

- I want to create more work in my new series The Fences As Lace. I am almost finished with #12 in the series which uses the last of the cut edges from pieces Fences As Lace #1-9 that I made while at the Vermont Studio Center. #12 has got a similar feel to #10 and #11. All new pieces from #13 on will be monoprinted in beautiful Natick MA as opposed to beautiful Johnson, VT. Probably in a larger borrowed space, since my studio is quite small.

- I'd also like to create more acrylic "skins" using cut thread scraps and make some more pieces along the same line as 12 x 12 x 12 June 2011.

- I will be preparing for three upcoming shows in the fall:

Squiggles and Squares, Mixed media works inspired by abstract lines and grids, Adria Arch, Catherine Carter, Elin Noble, and Jeanne Williamson, Artworks! Gallery, New Bedford, MA, from September 17 to November 7, 2011.

A two person show at the Krause Gallery at the Moses Brown School in Providence, RI, from October 11 - 28, 2011.

A Novel Idea, at the Hampden Gallery Incubator Project Space, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, from December 11, 2011 - February 20, 2012.

- Read, read, read. There, I said it. I'm publicly saying I plan on reading a number of books this summer. I hope I can follow through with this. My plan is to read Chuck Close's biography Life, which I got after hearing him speak at the MFA Boston in October. There are also a number of other books I want to read, including Guide to Getting Art Grants by Ellen Liberatori (which was recommended by an art friend), Super Sad True Love Story: A Novel by Gary Shteyngart (I heard Shteyngart on NPR while I was at the Vermont Studio Center last month, and I thought he was brilliant), and I've already started to read the Little Black Book of Connections by Jeffrey Gitomer (which was recommended by another art friend).