Tuesday, February 2, 2010

New Series - in progress

I've started a new series I'm going to call the "Weathered Fence." It's based on how construction fences weather in the elements. This series is influenced from Orange Construction Fence Series #32/71, which is a quilted piece.

The Weathered Fence Series will not be quilted. It's going to be stiffened fabric, that can be exhibited a few inches away from the wall, or as an installation where viewers can walk around it to see both sides, just as one might walk around an actual construction fence.

These pieces are monoprinted, handstamped, handpainted, stitched and stiffened fabric, and I'll be cutting holes out of various parts of the fabric so shadows and pattern can be seen through it.

Above is the front side of the fabric, and below is the back side. Please note this work is not finished yet. I'm posting this is as a work in progress. It's going to be about 35" wide by 48" high, when finished.

This piece was partially stitched when I took the picture. I have to say that sewing only one piece of fabric, instead of two layers plus quilt batting, is so much easier, and also liberating. What took me so long to decide to stop quilting?

A week ago I printed six pieces of fabric that I am planning on using, so there are more to come in this series. More pictures of this piece and others will be posted her on my blog soon. When they are finished, I'll post them on my website.