Sunday, January 24, 2010

Results After a Day of Hard Work

Yesterday I spent the day monoprinting the textures of construction fences on 10 yards of fabric. The picture above partially shows the fabric hanging to dry on pants hangers in my shower.

Some of the fabric will be used for new pieces that represent weathered construction fences, similar to Orange Construction Fence Series #32/71, but there will be NO quilting on these pieces. The fabric will be painted to embellish the printing, lines will be stitched to enhance the lines of the grid, holes will be cut in appropriate places in the fabric, and then the fabric will be stiffened so that it has a construction fence-like feel.

I also plan on creating up to six 18" square pieces mounted on cradled board that take the inspiration behind the ripped fence of Orange Construction Fence Series #17/36 further. No quilting on these either.

What I'll do with the rest of the fabric I'm not sure about yet.

I'm very excited about getting to work on these pieces.