Saturday, June 13, 2009

Working on New Work

I'm working on Orange Construction Fence Series #69, a continuation of my Orange Construction Fence Series.

This is a detail from the front/painted side of this piece. I wonder if I want to use this side as the finished piece when I stitch it. For the white areas, I'm using a White Golden Liquid Acrylics paint instead of a white fabric paint. My white fabric paint is way too thick to let some of the monoprinted fence show through. I'm not too thrilled about the way the front looks, and I may decide to use the unpainted side instead, and when I work on #70, I may paint the white on the other side. I'm thinking aloud here, and I'm probably not making much sense. Sorry about that.

The picture up top shows the whole fabric, with the beginning of what I'm doing on the front/painted side of the fabric, and below is the back/unpainted side.

I usually paint the grid first, then stamp shapes if I'm including any, and then paint inside the rectangles, after careful planning. This time I did the hand stamping first, then started painting some of the grid and the inside rectangles. I'm not sure if I'm working in a less organized way than usual, or if I'm just not as uptight about what I do when. I guess this way I get a sooner look at what's going on on both sides of the fabric.

This is the photo I'm using as inspiration for this piece and #70, which I'll start soon. (I'm using blues in the turquoise family, instead of greens.) I found this photo when I was visiting the blog of Grace Ng-Sale, who lives in Singapore. She's given me permission to post her photo. You can learn more about this photo and an other she took in my March 10th post.