Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Change of Mind

I decided that I don't want to use the sketch I made a few weeks ago, of a house under construction from a few blocks away. I need to work on the design some more, including the color, as I mentioned yesterday.

Instead, I have new inspiration for Orange Construction Fence Series #67-70. I was visiting the blog of Grace Ng-Sale, who lives in Singapore, who posted some very inspirational photos. I love the grids of the buildings, and the colors! Here are her explanations about these buildings ...

"About 80 percent of Singaporeans live in government subsidised housing called HDB or Housing Development Board flats.  Housing is very expensive in Singapore because land is so scarce."

"In Singapore, by law, every 5 years, all buildings have to undergo a new coat of paint."

This has nothing to do with my ideas for new work based on the two above photos, but Grace also sent me this picture...

... and she explained "Here is a of photo of laundry of different households taken on a sunny day.  As the weather here is so hot, we don’t normally have tumble driers – we hang our clothes outside on a bamboo stick and in half a day, the clothes are dry, provided there is no torrential rain! It is quite hazardous as the poles can sometimes drop so people generally avoid walking under these."

I don't have the resources or time to travel as much as I'd like, so I REALLY appreciate correspondence with Grace (and others I've met through my blog), to give me a glimpse of a world I may not ever get to see.

I would like to thank Grace for giving me permission to use her photographs on my blog, and also as inspiration for new work. I got started on Orange Construction Fence Series #67 last night, based on the very top picture. I'll post updates of it in progress, and of other pieces based on these photos, when there is something to share.