Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Working on New Work

I did some more work on Orange Construction Fence Series #69, which is a continuation of my Orange Construction Fence Series. Above is the front/painted fabric, and the back of the fabric is below.

I posted earlier pictures and my inspiration for this piece on June 13th. On Monday night I painted all of the small rectangle sections in with grey Pro-Fab Fabric Paint by ProChem. Next, I'll be filling in the rest of the grid with White Golden Liquid Acrylics. My last post shows the beginning of my doing this. After that I need to paint the very top and bottom sections.

I'm still not too thrilled about the way the front looks. And, this piece needs more color, which I'm contemplating. I may decide to use the unpainted side for the front of this piece. I think the design, and (lack of color) works better on this side. More updates soon.