Sunday, June 21, 2009

Even More Working on New Work

I did some more painting on Orange Construction Fence Series #69, a continuation of my Orange Construction Fence Series. I added grey to the very top row, and the bottom three rows. The front/painted fabric (above) doesn't show this addition that well, but looking at the back of the fabric (below), you can see what I'm talking about.

The side just above is the side of the fabric that will be seen on #69 when I'm finished painting and start stitching it. My plan is to use the lighter side for this piece, and create an other (darker) one for Orange Construction Fence Series #70, which I'll start shortly.

I last posted about this piece on June 17th. I said then that it needed more color. Last night I added yellow, maize, and ginger (sorry no pictures yet) inside the hand stamped black and white squares. Good addition. I will finish painting the printed construction fence grid white, on the painted (darker) side of the fabric, on Monday night.

I'm visiting a fellow artist on Tuesday for a critique/review of this piece so far. It'll be good to get feedback.

I keep wondering to myself why I picked the turquoise colors I'm using, besides the fact that the photo I was referring to was of a green and white building. I didn't want to use green. Around the same time I started this piece, I purchased a t-shirt from Woot, called "Dropping Rocks On Cattails" and it had the same family of turquoise colors. Influence or coincidence?