Sunday, March 15, 2009

New Work in Progress

I'm working on Orange Construction Fence Series #67. Above is the back side of the painted/printed fabric, which I will be using for the actual front side of the piece.

This is the front side of the fabric which will not be visible in the finished #67. But, I will be using what this side looks like as a basis of what Orange Construction Fence Series #68 will look like. I hope I'm not confusing you. I paint/print on both sides of the fabric, and choose one side as the actual side to use for my finished art. I am hoping to start working on #68 tomorrow night.

The inspiration for these pieces is a building in Singapore, which you can read about here. The two vertical rows of black printed squares on the fabric are influenced by the placement of the air conditioners in the building, and the bottom row of printed squares and rectangles is what I imagine the ground floor of the building looks like, since I don't actually know. I am planning on adding references to more windows in #68. It'll need more contrast at the top/middle, because it's going to be a much darker piece.

Next step for this fabric is stitching it, but that probably will not for a few weeks. I need to be able to access both sides so I can reference it for other pieces, so that's why I won't be stitching #67 yet. I will most likely stitch #67 and 68 at the same time.