Friday, December 5, 2008

Radical Knitting (Crochet)

My hero, Stephen Colbert, ran a great segment on the Colbert Report about artist Jerilea Zempel, who creates amazing crochet projects.

Watch the video from December 3, 2008 called "Nailed 'Em - Radical Knitting, Our ever-vigilant Border Patrol not only keeps foreigners out, they prevent traveling Americans from coming back in." (Note: there's a commercial if you watch the video. Unavoidable. Sorry.)

You can also read about her in this article, "Keene artist had hard time getting back into US, Woman was detained by Customs and Border Protection because of an SUV sketch she made for artwork," on October 4, 2008, by Lohr McKinstry.

This story is true, and beyond belief.