Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Recycled Fence Series

The Recycled Fence Series grew out of my desire to recycle older pieces from my Orange Construction Fence Series that I didn't think were successful. My focus is to create new abstractions from other geometric patterns.

The twelve pieces below all came out of Orange Construction Fence Series #19, and are named Recycled Fence Series #19, and then the number of the piece. They are all 12" x 12".

The Recycled Fence Series is a medley of strips of stitched monoprinted fabric with textures of orange construction fences, and painted and hand stamped shapes.

Yesterday I showed how these pieces got their start.

All of the 12" x 12" Recycled Fence Series #19 pieces are on my website, for further review, and are for sale for $300 each. Please contact me at at jeanne@jeannewilliamson.com for availability.

There are eight more in this series, all 6" x 6", which I'll post pictures of soon.