Thursday, January 31, 2008

Inspiration / Printing and Painting on Fabric - continued

More progress since my last post on January 30th about the new piece I have been working on that's based on a condo construction project in downtown Natick, MA.

In my last post I mentioned that I was going to fill the stamped rectangle and squares with grey paint. Well, after I did my "sketch" in Photoshop, I decided to I wanted to paint it then, even though it was pretty late at night and I was getting ready to call it a night. So, in my pajamas, I put my painting apron on got to work. At the last moment, I decided to fill the shapes in with various shades of grey, instead of one shade. I've done fills with various colors in many other pieces, and have been really happy with the result, so I filled all 70+ shapes with six different greys.

Now my thought it that I don't want so much emphasis on those shapes, so I might paint a layer of white over them to lighten them up. (My book, The Uncommon Quilter, has a project on page 98, that shows how to do this step.) Above is a swatch of fabric that I had painted various greys of fabric paint and acrylic paints on it, with a layer of white paint on it, to see how it would look if I did that.

This is a Photoshop sketch of what the piece might look like when I do the next step.