Saturday, December 31, 2022

Art Studio on December 31, 2022

Here is my tiny in home art studio on December 31, 2022. This space is very small, but I make it work. It's free and allows me a lot of flexibility to work anytime for however short or long amount of time I have.

On the table in the front is the monoprinted and stitched fabric for my 2023 walking painting ready to be coated with watered down matt medium to stiffen the fabric. In the back of the table are stamped icons representing the number of steps I walk by the thousands dried and waiting to be used. 

On the left wall is a new fabric painting in my Loss series I am currently working on and expect to finish soon. Also on the wall, and below, folded over a sheet of cardboard is a number of paintings in my Loss series that were created in 2022. I haven't rolled them up to store them yet. 

On the right wall is my 2022 walking painting waiting for the last icon representing the number of steps I will walk before midnight today.

Happy New Year!