Tuesday, August 2, 2022

New Work in Progress: 2022 Dates in a Life Walking Project


New work in progress, through July, documenting my walking and the days I'm at work on my 2022 Dates in a Life Walking Project painting. 

We've had a fair amount of hot weather in July in Massachusetts (and very little rain), which means I didn't walk as much as I would prefer. When it's hot and humid, my energy level goes way down.

I walked over 10,000 steps (the red icons) only 8 days due to heat. I hope August will be cooler and I can walk longer distances.

The yellow dots represent the 4 days I rode my ebike. 

The individual days with the Iridescent Bronze background signify the days I'm at work vs. days I am home or away, all of which have an influence on the number of steps I walk each day. I try to go out for a walk every day at lunch time when it's not too hot, and I also have opportunities to walk after work.