Friday, May 20, 2016

New Public Art: Electric Fences

Introducing Electric Fences, two electric boxes I painted on the Natick Common, at the corner of Routes 135 and 27, in Natick, MA.

Creating art also includes writing an artists' statement about it:

Jeanne Williamson’s mixed media work incorporates the grids of orange construction fences.

Many construction sites use these plastic fences as a barrier to keep people out of danger and off the work site. Jeanne has been collecting different shapes and patterns of fences for many years.

For Electric Fences Jeanne combined painting of two fence patterns with drawing and handstamping, as an enhancement of two electric boxes on the Natick Common, in Natick, MA.

My designed and submitted proposal was accepted in the Fall of 2015. I spent the winter looking forward to warmer weather, so I could get started. The painting took me over 52 hours over a month in Spring 2016. If you're interested in seeing photos documenting my painting, please take a look at my Artist Facebook page, and scroll backwards.

You can also see a few pictures (though not as many) on Twitter and Instagram.

My photographer will be taking much better pictures soon, which I will share when available. 

If you know my artwork, you know I monoprint and paint on fabric, and have been doing that for over 20+ years. This is my first time painting on metal, outside, in public. As hard as it was to do, I totally enjoyed it, and I LOVE the reactions I’m getting from the community. Whether people like my design or not, they’re definitely reacting to it, and that includes kids and adults of all ages. I can’t thank the Natick Center Cultural District and Christ Lutheran Church for the opportunity to be one of Natick's two first public artists! Thank you also to friend and carpenter, Al Walker, for his suggestion and help repairing, cleaning, priming, and painting the cement bases black! I REALLY appreciate it!