Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Home!

I am happy to say that Technicolor Fence Patterns #2 has a new home! It's been purchased by a collector in Maryland.

I don't usually share the backstories, but this is special and quite nice. It started with the buyer seeing my print at Crate & Barrel. They called me one evening this summer after we had had a very bad rain and wind storm that resulted in having no power at home for a number of hours, because a tree fell on a power line. Imagine telling a potential buyer "there are firetrucks in front of my home. Is it OK if I call you back in a little while?" 

After the power was back on, there were a number of really nice phone calls back and forth over a few days which resulted in this piece being purchased. It was my first legitimate sale through my website. There have been a number of scam inquiries, and one even resulted in receiving a forged check in the mail, which I promptly gave to the police department. But this sale is real, and the conversations with the buyer were really nice. I hope I actually get to meet them someday.

Technicolor Fence Patterns #2 is mixed media on stiffened fabric that measures 34.5" x 49". It was created in 2014 and is one in a series of five pieces.

Thank you the collector! I very much appreciate your taking my art into your home! I hope it gives you much joy!