Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Art Consultant

I dropped eight paintings, Seasonal Fences Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn #4 (above) and Seasonal Fences Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn #5 (below), off art an Art Consulting Company in Boston this morning

They are joining Seasonal Fences Winter #2 and Spring #2 which were already in their collection of artwork that is available to decorators.

Seasonal Fences - Summer #2 and Autumn #2 found a new home in a high end residential tower in the Boston area a year ago, thanks to this same Art Consultant. I am very thankful for their role in this transaction.

The Seasonal Fences series are abstractions of different colors of fences in contrast to the landscape during different seasons. They are mixed media on 22" x 10" x 1"  board, created in 2011. 

I've had good success with this series, which I was doubtful about when I created it. 

Seasonal Fences - Spring #3, is being sold as a print, Seasonal Fence Print, at Crate & Barrel's print collection for the past two years. And, Seasonal Fences -Winter #1, Spring #1, Summer #1 and Autumn #1 were purchased by Meditech (Medical Information Technology) in Framingham, MA in March 2012. 

It just goes to show that just because an artist may doubt their own work, others may like it.

The Art Consultant also has Fractured Fence Repaired #1 (above) and Fractured Fence Repaired #3 (below) in their collection.

The Fractured Fence Repaired Series explores blue construction fence patterns on white (reminiscent of blue and white plates), that are fractured and then repaired with gold (Kintsukuroi). 

Each piece was created with monoprinted, handstamped, and handpainted fabric, that was cut and reassembled with small stitches. Then the fabric was stiffened to provide a more paper-like feel and appearance, and gold was painted near the stitched seams.