Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Drop Cloth Shirt

I made a new sleeveless cotton summer blouse out of a drop cloth. Most of the front of the blouse is from my new (almost completed) Fractured Fence Repaired series. The black squares are the extra paint that soaked onto the drop cloth when  handstamping Fractured Fence Repaired #2, which will be on exhibit at Danforth Art this summer, with rubber erasers.

The back is mostly from Fence Curtain 2.0, which was on exhibit at the Boston Center for the Arts last summer. It's fun to give the fabric a new use, and it'll be fun to wear the blouse out and about.

Last week I made a blouse with a peplum, that I monoprinted on after sewing it. This shirt was already painted and hand stamped before I cut the fabric out.

Up next I hope, is a similar blouse with the monoprint of a square gridded construction fence. I'm hoping it's not too much work matching up the grids after sewing the darts. If it's successful, I'll post a picture. If not...