Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Upcoming Installation

I’ve created “sketches” for a new temporary public art installation that I’ll be making for the Bartlett Yard, which is the site of the former MBTA Bartlett Bus Yard in Roxbury, MA.

I’m planning to create a curtain and valance for a slightly larger than phone booth-sized outdoor cubby, and also create window treatments for three boarded up windows that are near the cubby. All are on the same side of the building, which is slated to be an outdoor “Exhibition Wall”.

The work will be made of monoprints of construction fences on fabric, which I’ll coat so they’re weather resistant. I’ll also cut and manipulate the grid of the fabric, to create the window coverings and valances, and so there will be a valance and drape on both sides of the cubby door.

The window treatments are inspired by what I recently created for the door to my studio. The drape for the cubby is inspired by the drape of my piece, The Fence As Lace #6.

I’m going to get started working on this shortly, and I will be installing everything in mid-May.

Read more about what’s happening at Bartlett Yard.