Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Adding Color and Pattern

Yesterday I started adding color and pattern to the main section of fabric for Fence/Curtain 2.0, the new temporary public art installation I’m creating for the Boston Center for the Arts.

These three patterns are being stamped and painted on two 16' long pieces of fabric. The colors I'm using are part of the BCA's color palette.

 Above is the suggestion of sky and sunlight at the top of the panels.

I was so taken by the Allium (one of my favorite flowers) in the garden, when I visited the site last Friday night, I wanted to include a subtle geometric version.

At the bottom of the panels, there's color and pattern to suggest grass or low shrubs, with flowers too.

The painting and stamping is a bit more time consuming than I expected, but I made good progress yesterday and plan on doing more today. As soon as the first panel is dry, I'll hang it up on the wall and will take a picture and share it so al of this makes more sense.