Monday, June 4, 2012

Working in My New Studio

I've been working on Fence/Curtain 2.0, my new temporary public art installation for the Boston Center for the Arts, which I'm going to install the first week in July.

Last week I monoprinted two 16' long pieces of fabric, and started handstamping some shapes on one piece. This week, my plan is to do some more hand stamping  and then to paint on top of the monoprinted area.

Then, assuming that goes smoothly, my plan is to monoprint at least one more 16' piece with the same pattern, and then monoprint up to three more 16' pieces with a different pattern, all this week, if possible. (It may not be possible to do all of this, but I'm going to try. It all depends on humidity and drying time, which should be fine, and any unexpected other things that come up this week.

After all of the printing, painting and stamping is done and dry, I'll coat each length with watered down matt medium, and let it dry for a day or more (depending on humidity). Then I have hundreds of holes and/or flaps to cut in the fabric, which is the most time consuming part.