Monday, May 14, 2012


Both of my studios are set up, though not unpacked. Over the weekend we set up the tables at my studio at Fountain Street Studios in Framingham, MA. The table near the wall is 16' by 4', and the other table is 8' by 4'. Both are tall enough so I can work without bending over, which is great for my back, and they're long enough for me to work on large work, including the installation I'm about to start for the Boston Center for the Arts in Boston, MA.

At home, I have a studio set up for creating smaller work. The tabletop is 5' square. This is a table where I can sit at when working.

Next up is totally unpacking art supplies in both spaces. As you can see above, I have done some work at home already (16 "nests"), but it's been hard to find my supplies, which are still in boxes. As an example, I have no idea where my (vintage 1978) apron is. I'll find it soon I hope.