Saturday, May 5, 2012


I have a lot going on, and here is some of it…

This is the park at the Boston Center for the Arts, where I’ll be showing my new public art installation this summer. 

I went in to Boston to discuss the project and take more pictures yesterday. The last time I was there was mid-winter. It was really good to visit now that it’s spring. There are many layers of the garden as well a wonderful assortment of plants that have made an appearance. I plan on having my work to interact with the space when it’s on exhibit from mid-July through September.

Before I can get started creating the work for the installation, I need to move in to my new studio space at Fountain Street Studios in Framingham, MA. I picked up the keys yesterday, and will be moving furniture and supplies in over the weekend as time permits. 

For those who are confused, I will be working in two studios. One is at home where I will create smaller work, because I only have room for a 5’ x 5’ table. While all of the supplies I need for working from home are here, I have not had time to unpack and organize them yet. That will have to wait until June, though I have been able to find most of what I need so I can make a little bit of work.

I’ll be working on larger work in Framingham, because I’ll have the space for a 16’ x 4’ table as well as an 8’ x 4’ table. Both long tables will allow me to monoprint long lengths of fabric.

One top of all of the installation planning, and my studio moving and set up, I had a busy web design week, and I’ve got 99% of the writing finished for my new how-to book. I’ve started getting it organized for my June 1st deadline for submittal. There’s more going on too, but this is the most interesting and exciting right now.