Sunday, April 8, 2012

One Studio Space Ready

My new studio space at home is ready for me to move in. The homasote, covered with white felt, was installed yesterday. The light fixtures were installed on Friday.

Now I'm going to decide where in this space to store my finished work on boards and rolled up stiffened fabric, and where to store the not yet used boards, rolls of fabric and construction fencing. I have a lot of fencing in the attic, but I want to try to keep my most favorite pieces in this space, and some will go to the studio space I'm going to sublet at Fountain Street Studios in Framingham, MA when I move in next month.

There is some space in this room that's not in this picture. And there is also some space in the room to the left of this room, where my computer is as well as many shelves for storage. There's a lot to organize, and time is tight, so I'll do it as I can, while making sure that I'll be able to create new work as I set up.