Saturday, February 4, 2012

Snow Please

Dear Mother Nature,

While on one hand it's been nice not shivering all the time, and not having to deal with shoveling piles of snow or wearing our snow boots every day like we did last winter in New England, the lack of snow has become something of a problem for many reasons.

Mine in particular is that I need and want a good picture of my outdoor installation in the snow, some time before the end of March.

I did have the opportunity to take some pictures during a small uneventful snow storm on January 21st with the camera on my iphone, but I am requesting a little more snow than that storm and that it not be above freezing the next day.

I would like up to, but no more than, 6" of fresh white powder. I would also like clear blue skies the next day, with the temperature below freezing. Those would be the perfect conditions so my photographer can shoot a few pictures with nice shadows on the ground that would show the contrast of my installation surrounded with snow. After he gets the photos, the temperature can then rise above freezing so it can melt.

That's what I am hoping for. It shouldn't be a big deal, given that it is February and it is New England.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

Much love, Jeanne