Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snow Happy!

Yesterday, after what's been a really weird winter so far, we finally had our first decent snowstorm. In January! While skiers have been waiting impatiently for snow so they could ski, I've been waiting so I could get winter pictures of my installation, Fence Curtain 1.0

I was staying in Boston for the weekend because I was attending a conference, so I took the T (AKA the MBTA, Boston MA's subway system) to the ConstellationCenter in Kendall Square in Cambridge, to take pictures. It was a cold 18 degrees, with wind and snow, and well worth the visit.

I like this picture because of how gray it was during the storm, but I am looking forward to pictures of it in the snow on a clearer day, and I’m hoping that my photographer will be able to get there today. If not today, then hopefully after the next snowstorm, because it's supposed to go up to 50 degrees in the next few days and the snow will melt very quickly.

On the day we took pictures of this piece in the Fall, there were shadows on the ground behind the fence. Yesterday, there was the illusion of shadows, but it was really bare ground because of how the wind was blowing and how the piece was blocking the snow from the ground. I love that!

I live in Natick, MA, 20 miles or so west of Boston, where 6" of snow fell. When we got home this morning, I took some pictures of the installations in my yard, and they’re below.

Update: I got a note from my photographer that said "I went to photograph the sculpture this morning, unfortunately the snow plows had pushed a large pile of snow up against the fence, so I was unable to take any pictures. Next time I will have to get there before the snow plows."

Bummer. I'm waiting to hear if they totally buried my piece or if the pile of snow was off to the side.