Friday, December 2, 2011

Fence Holes Bandage 1.0

During the unseasonal October 2011 Nor'easter, a very large limb broke off of the flowering pear tree in my backyard. Heavy snow on trees that haven't lost their leaves yet isn't a good thing, and even though we "only" got about 6" of snow, it was enough to cause damage. What resulted was a very large hole in the tree, something that will repair itself over time, but is very unsightly to look at. Fence Holes Bandage 1.0 is my solution to making the tree good to look while it heals.

The picture above shows Fence Holes Bandage 1.0 after it was installed on the tree on December 1, 2011. As it weathers outdoors, pictures will be posted here on my blog, and also on my website.

The tree next to my shed.

mixed media on stiffened fabric
21" high x 13" wide