Monday, October 31, 2011

Near Miss

Sometime during the unseasonal October Nor'easter on Saturday night, a very large limb broke off of the flowering pear tree in my backyard. Heavy snow on trees that haven't lost their leaves yet isn't a good thing, and even though we "only" got about 6" of snow, it was enough to cause damage.

The limb that came down was at least 24' long. It fell, hitting (and bending) the weathervane at the top of an addition on my house, and then it fell to the ground. Thankfully, our house is fine, and one branch from the limb landed a foot away from my backyard installation.

The picture at the top of this post shows the front side of my installation, where the end of the branch landed. The picture above shows the back of the installation, where you can see the longest branch to the right of the piece.

I would have posted this yesterday afternoon when I took these pictures but we've been without power (and heat, hot water, our landline and cooking gas) since Saturday night. I'm posting this from my antique laptop in my studio, which thankfully does have heat and power. Hopefully our power and the rest of our utilities will be restored earlier than Wednesday night, as Nstar is suggesting at this time.