Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Outdoor Art Installation and Temporary Studio Space

I have been chosen as one of six artists who are creating outdoor art installations for a construction site for the ConstellationCenter in Kendall Square in Cambridge, MA.

On August 24th I posted sketches I did for an RFP for this project, which proposed a piece that could be between 10' - 30' in length.

After meeting with the ConstellationCenter last Friday, I got the OK to create an installation that’s at least 30’ in length, in smaller sections.

I am making three 10' sections, and also another 60" section, so the finished piece will be 35' in length. My installation also includes draped fabric, so I also monoprinted another 6' per section to accommodate that, which means I printed 53’ of fabric since Saturday night.

My studio measures 10’ x 16”, so this project requires a larger space to work. I got a very generous offer to use a friend's barn when printing the fabric, because the barn is 35’ in length. It’s an amazing space, but it would have meant working temporarily on the floor only.

I have very a sore knee that is has not totally healed from a fall I had 5 weeks ago, and I can't kneel at all, so needed to find another way of working.

My husband got permission from his office's landlord for me to work temporarily in the large unused space in his office. The longest length wall to wall is 19', not the 30'+ the barn had. Since I can make the installation in sections, and the space is close to my studio, my husband and I problem solved how I could work without kneeling.

On Saturday, my husband (and I) made two 4' x 8' tables that are 36" tall, that we put together the long way, with 3' of space in the room to move around them. It's tight but it works. We also made one more 4' x 8' table that is off to the side a little bit so I have a second work surface.

I was able to print 16' lengths of fabric very easily. It's really nice to work standing up and not having to bend over at all.

My husband calls the tables, "The save the knees work tables!" and he also said "I was very motivated to help avoid pain. Pain bad."

We're both calling this temporary workspace my "studio annex."

The pictures in this post are a close up of the tables, construction fencing on the tabletop, 16' of printed fabric of the fencing, and also a detail of some stamping I'm doing on the fabric.

I'll post more about the installation as soon as I can, as busy as I am right now.

The finished work will be installed in Cambridge sometime between September 26th – October 2nd.