Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art Ready for Outdoor Installation

This morning I’ll be finishing the last hour of work on the 35' outdoor art installation for the ConstellationCenter construction site in Cambridge, MA.

The picture above is a slightly updated Photoshop sketch from two days ago, of sort of what the installation will look like. Real photos of the two of the four sections, shot in my studio, are below.

Below are the steps and processes in creating this work:

- Monoprinted 53' of cotton with the textures of construction fencing on three16' long and one is 68" long pieces of fabric. Then I did some hand stamping and some handpainting, coated all of the fabric with watered down matt medium so they are stiff and also water resistant, and I also cut holes and flaps in various places in the fabric so wind can blow through it.

My next steps before installation next week are:

- Buy PVC piping or something similar that will hold the top of the four pieces of fabric straight when I install it on the chain link fencing.

- Find one or more people to help me install it.

- Get everything I need to install the piece ready, including scissors, ladders, plywood or boards to temporarily put on the stone ground at the site so there’s a flat surface for the ladders.

- Install the work in Cambridge, MA.