Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Outdoor Installation Update

I’m in week two of working on creating a 35' outdoor art installation for the ConstellationCenter construction site in Cambridge, MA, and I hope to be finished by bedtime on Thursday, so I can install it early next week.

The picture above is a Photoshop sketch of sort of what the installation will look like, and picture way down below is the site as it is now.

To date I have:

- Monoprinted 53' of cotton with the textures of construction fencing. There are four different pieces of fabric. Three are 16' long and one is 68" long.

- Hand stamped squares and circles that are a part of the design, and handpainted them in.

- Coated all three of the 16' long pieces, and the one 68" piece, of fabric with watered down matt medium so they stiffened and also water resistant.

- Cut all of the holes and flaps in two of the 16' long pieces of fabric.

- Ordered and received thousands of black cable ties to secure the art to the chain link fence.

Next steps:

- Sew channels at the top and bottom of the third 16' long and the 68" piece of stiffened fabric.

- Have all of the holes and flaps cut in the third 16' long piece by the end of the day of tomorrow and the 68" piece on Thursday.

- Buy PVC (I think) piping or something similar that will hold the top of the four pieces of fabric straight when I install it on the chain link fencing.

- Find one or more people to help me install it.

- Get everything I need to install the piece ready, including scissors, ladders, plywood or boards to temporarily put on the stone ground at the site so there’s a flat surface for the ladders.

My working this focused and hard is all a bit like being at an art residency but I still have to do the laundry and the dishes, and also:

- Create a PowerPoint presentation (my first, believe it or not) for a presentation on Friday morning.

- Writing projects.

- Help plan the food for the Squiggles and Squares Opening in New Bedford, MA this weekend.

- Design my 2012 calendar.

- Create my 12 x 12 x 12 piece for September before the end of the month.

- Get ready for The Constructed Surface at the Krause Gallery the Moses Brown School in Providence, RI, and also for Natick Open Studios, which are both in early/mid October.

- Community service.

- Apologize to a lot of people for being tardy in returning emails and phone calls.

- Watch the last two weeks of All My Children, which is unfortunately ending on Friday. :(

- Be sure to eat, sleep, and breath.