Monday, August 2, 2010

Holes in the Fences series - orange in process

The orange piece in my new Holes in the Fences series, which is almost finished, is the sixth piece in this series.

This piece has been the most difficult of the six for me to create. I had been trying to figure out if it was because originally the oranges were too bright and/or that I'm not into using orange, even though I have spent the past decade using patterns of orange construction fences in my work. I had a productive critique last Friday and my friend looking at my work thought the orange I had used was fine, but I still wanted to change it.

After thinking about it all weekend, this morning I painted the orange "fence" strips on this piece an orangey-red, covering up the bright orange that was there previously.I am much happier with this piece now.

Previously posted are red, purple, blue, yellow and green.

The Holes in the Fences series are abstractions of construction fences and their holes, and are mixed media on 24" x 18" cradled board. The inspiration behind them are the scraps of "holes" that were left over from my Weathered Fences series. When they're finished, I'll post all six pieces here on this blog, and on my website. I think that should be by the end of August, after I get the images back from my photographer.

Up next, six mini Holes in the Fences series that are 6" x 6" so I have a range of more affordable art to sell during the two Open Studios I'm participating in this fall. They should be finished in a few days and I will scan them and post them quickly.