Monday, June 7, 2010

Front and Back Yard Installations Update

Well, the two new installations in my front and back yard made it through a weekend of wild weather! On both Saturday and Sunday we had severe thunderstorms warnings and tornado watches, and it rained heavily off and on on both days. Tornado watches are very uncommon for eastern Massachusetts.

Just before 4pm on Sunday afternoon, a storm went through that was extremely violent. I ran around the house closing windows because it was raining sideways.

I was too busy with the windows, worrying about the weather and the fact that our power was out, to even think about whether anything in my yard was blowing away or not. Luckily, everything in my yard, except my purple basil (which was completely flattened but is righting itself today), did fine. Installations included. The cut holes in the fabric kept them from becoming art kites.

These pictures were taken right before the storm came through. The top picture is the back side of the piece in my back yard. Notice the clematis growing on it! I'm liking that. The bottom picture is of the piece in my front yard.

I should be getting word sometime today about how what's left of my installation at the Studios Without Walls made it through the storms. I expect it to be fine also.

Our weather forecast for today is for "Abundant sunshine. High 76F." Thank goodness.