Sunday, May 23, 2010

New Front Yard Installation

Last week I replaced my backyard installation and now I've taken down the installation that I made in my front yard in May 2009, and installed a new piece there too.

The new installations are created with printed/painted/stitched cotton fabric that was coated with watered down matt medium, which I hope will help keep them drier. The pieces from last year were untreated whole cloth quilts that had white backs, and soaked up the rain like sponges. I also I hope the coating this year will protect them. Time will tell.

For this piece, I wanted to have some relationship to a banner shape, but take it a bit further by starting out with a piece that already looks like it's falling apart a little bit.

Just as I did in my backyard, I decided to use the same metal frame again, to save money. This is the back side. I decided not to cover up the metal frame entirely. Unlike last year's pieces, this year they are both two sided since they're both made of one piece of fabric. Depending on the paint, it soaked through the fabric to the back in different ways, and I find that very interesting.

I chose to use lavender as the main color so it'll coordinate with my soon to be repainted house, which is "Lilac", and the doors are "Grape Hyacinth."

I'll be documenting the life of both of my outdoor installations over the next year here on my blog, and also on my website.