Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekly Update - Front and Back Yard Installations

Here is an update of my front and back yard installations. I missed posting pictures last week because I was away on vacation, but I'm back at home now, and catching up.

It's a jungle in my back yard where Fence Installation Series #1/16 is installed. The Queen Anne's Lace is still in bloom, and my fall flowering Clematis seems happy growing through my installation.

These are details of the clematis growing threw this piece from the front (above) and back sides (below).

In my front yard is Fence Installation Series #1/22. It's doing fine.

There is some mud on the bottom, and a little rust from the connectors on the outer edges. Above and below are detail shots.

I've posted early-June and mid-August pictures of both installations on my website to show how they are fitting in with their surroundings. I'll update them again in a few months. Take a look.

I'll post new pictures in a week.