Friday, May 1, 2009

Repurposed, Recycled, Reconstructed, Upcycled, Redesigned, Tweaked Sweaters

I've started to repurpose, recycle, reconstruct, upcycle, redesign, and tweak, used sweaters. I'm not sure what the appropriate word is. Maybe all of them are?

Above is the first sweater, in process, without buttons (yet). Below is what it looked like before I started. It was a pullover, and now it's got new life as a cardigan. I know I should wait to post it with buttons, but I wanted to share my progress so far.

... and ...

Above is the front of the second sweater, and the back is below. I felted the black wool dots on the entire front, and the back top and bottom edges. I did the back this way because I can't felt the sleeves, and I wanted to make sure the design worked as a whole. I'm thinking about replacing the buttons.

Below is the sweater as it was before I started working on it.

You can read about how this project got started in my "Planning Ahead to Next Fall/Winter" post on March 2nd.

I have plus or minus 50 sweaters that I will be working on in the coming weeks, and I hope to be finished by the end of the summer. That includes giving them all a makeover, sewing all buttons on as needed, and adding my own label (which I need to design).

As I said on March 2nd, I don't know where or how I will sell them, or for how much. If you have any suggestions about where (besides and how, please send me an email at I would love to hear suggestions and get feedback.