Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Outdoor Installation Preparation

I performed Operation Cut Up on Orange Construction Fence Series #16, which is a piece I made in 2003. By today's standards, I didn't like it as it was, and since I want to use a piece for an outdoor installation in my back yard, so it's a perfect candidate to tweak and update.

This piece, just like all of my Orange Construction Fence Series, is based on monoprints of orange construction fences that can be found around construction sites. I cut in to it to remove what would be considered the "holes" so it looks like a fabric construction fence. (Am I making sense?)

After cutting the holes, I've been sewing the edges of the fabric to help keep the edges from unraveling, and to help hold it together when it starts its new life outside. The picture above shows the cut holes being sewn on my machine. Every time I rotate around corner, the holes get stuck on different parts of my sewing machine. Bummer. Sewing a simple zigzag stitch is easy, but not when you keep getting stuck. I wish this process was easier.

If you haven't read it yet, you can read my post "Thinking About Installations" to find out how I got started with this idea. (The piece shown in that post is not the piece I'm going to install outside.)

In a day or so, I'll post pictures of what Orange Construction Fence Series #16 looked like before I cut in to it, what it looks like when it's ready to be installed outside. When it's installed, I'll also post pictures. Then I plan on documenting it with photographs weekly as it spends a year outside in its new "home". I'm hoping to install it by June first.