Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Outdoor Installation Preparation

I made it through the difficulties of stitching the holes, and can safely say that Orange Construction Fence Series #16, which needs a new name, is ready for installation in my back yard.

I employed Operation Cut Up and removed the fabric where there was nothing printed from the texture of the construction fence I used. Above is a picture after most of the fabric "holes" were removed, and below is what the piece looked like in 2003, after I finished it, but before I stuffed it in my closet and forgot about it.

Orange Construction Fence Series #16 measures 38" w x 49" h. I'm still not in love with it, but I think it looks much better than it did originally, and I think it'll work well when installed outside. The cut holes in it changes the look of it completely. I wonder if my portfolio reviewers could imagine this in my work when they suggested I investigate installations. I'd love to know.

I'm hoping to install it outside before June first, in a semi-sheltered spot under a blue spruce tree. I'll be installing it in my back yard, instead of my front yard, because I don't annoy my neighbors if it starts looking very weathered. I'm not using a piece I am in love with since I assume it's going to get dirty, and maybe start to fall apart. Hopefully it will make it through a New England summer, fall, winter and spring.

I've received email requests asking me to post pictures and an explanation of how it's installed, which I do plan on sharing.

After installation, I plan on documenting it with weekly photographs, as it spends a year outside in its new "home".