Monday, May 25, 2009

Backyard Installation 1 Installation

My original plan when installing my work in my backyard was to install it using plastic coated garden stakes that I bought at Lowes in their garden center. Here are two 6' stakes in position in my yard.

My husband and I slide the stakes through two vertical sleeves I added to "Fence Installation Series #1/16", and also slide a 36" garden stake through the top, attaching the corners using copper elbows and tubing. This became problematic because 1) we kept hitting rocks in the ground and it was bending the garden stakes, and 2) the piece was not stable and would blow over with the first stiff wind. We had to plan a different way to install.

We went back to Lowes, and bought galvanized piping of different lengths, elbows, T's and end caps. My husband planned how to install it that would keep it stable through all sorts of weather. These are the parts we bought.

Here is the piece upside down, with the side, top, and elbow pipes in place. It was amazing that we got this far since I sewed the sleeves on without measuring, when we were going to use the garden stakes. When we switched to pipes, we forgot to add the elbows in when we calculated the width. There was no slack when we got everything in place.

Still upside down, the bottom cross piece was attached. A second problem we hadn't thought of which was how to thread it on both ends when the threads go the same way. We were unthreading one side as we threaded the other.

A short extension, and then the legs were attached. This is a close-up.

The legs. This will never blow over.

"Fence Installation Series #1/16" in place in the back yard. Need to pick up the remaining leaves from last fall and need to bury the legs.


Closeup of back side.

Back side at night.

Front side at night.

Read my post from yesterday that has other info about Backyard Installation 1.

My husband and I hope to install a second piece soon, that will be mounted more like a vertical banner, and possibly a third installation, that will be installed more like the way a real plastic construction fence would be installed on an actual construction site.