Sunday, May 24, 2009

Backyard Installation 1

Though my first backyard installation isn't totally complete yet, I wanted to post some pictures. The two pictures above are close-ups of what I'm naming "Fence Installation Series #1/16."

This piece will be living in my back yard for a year, and I'm planning on documenting with a weekly photo, to see how it holds up through a full year of Massachusetts weather. It's one of what will probably be two or three installations on my 1/10th of an acre. My husband (my installation collaborator), and I decided to install this piece so it's stretched tightly in all four sides, as an experiment.

It was rained on early this morning. I'm curious to see what will happen as it dries. Will the back fabric, which was not preshrunk, shrink? If so, what will happen since it's stretched so tight on the frame? What's going to happen if the clematis that's growing on the structure next to it, starts to wind it's way through the holes in this piece? How is it going to hold up when it snows? What will happen on a windy day?

"Fence Installation Series #1/16" might be a boring name, but I want to keep my naming scheme similar to my other mixed media Fence Series names. The reason this one is #1/16 is because it's my first installation (#1), but it's made from Orange Construction Fence Series #16, which I made in 2003 (though it didn't have holes in it until a few weeks ago). All numbers for installation work will be numbered 1 and up, and if it's made from a previously numbered piece, I'll add the "/#" to the name.

For a little background on this piece, you can read my More Outdoor Installation Preparation post from May 17th, and Outdoor Installation Preparation post from May 13th.

You can also read my Thinking About Installations post from May 11th.

These are two full pictures, taken yesterday. We have to bury the legs, which I hope to do today or tomorrow.

This is the back of the piece, as seen from my neighbor's house, or as you enter my back yard.

The next piece we hope to install soon will be mounted more like a vertical banner, and if I do a third installation, it'll be installed more like the way a real plastic construction fence would be installed on an actual construction site.

More pictures soon, including how we mounted it.